audiovisual journeys


raminkrause is a nomad artist and independent storyteller. He captures what he sees and hears in photos, words, films and sound recordings. He is a radical positivist and loves to capture the glimpses of beauty he sees every day all through out this world, in different cultures and faunas.

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The Work.


For the past three years Ramin has been dedicated to this experimental transmedia storytelling platform interweaving art and journalism.

Our Vision.

I travel the world with barely any money and record the stories and the beauty I encounter along the way. I work experimentally and independently, trying not to be limited by preconceived ideas. I hope and trust to put my work and energy to good use. For the people I work with and our world family as a whole, spreading love and understanding through artistic storytelling. I dream of a better world every day and know that we all can do anything we want to. At the moment I am experimenting with new, independent ways of publishing while creating win-win situations for everyone involved.