Ramin Aryaie creates short films, documentaries, music videos and experimental visual films. His work discovers unique ways of visualising and capturing moments and feelings.

Below you can find a selection of films and projects Ramin has realised.

Spell No More

Music video for a nostalgic sailing song by Roddy Sim

Black Magic Baby Jesus

Unique sonic documentary recorded in Vanuatu in the South Pacific

Vibration - Colin Stetson

A live film discovering Colin Stetson´s unique live performance art in a new way


Come on an audiovisual journey through a reinterpretetd performance by Vincent Moon and Marco Donnarumma.

the VOIIAGE Projects

In 2014 Ramin founded a platform for experimental art and new media called VOIIAGE. Ever since it has grown into a vast collection of films, images, sound recordings, stories and more, bringing together collaborations by over 20 artists from all around the world. The project is split into various branches each discovering a different focus, from world music to performance arts, from new digital processing techniques to the human body in relation to nature. 


modern dance and circus captured in completely new ways


Experiments in new media and digital processing 


ONE SHOT Films CAPTURING musicians around the world

New Trailers 


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